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April, 2019

Ted&Alex K.: completed CHE Master Program

February, 2019

Maggie: joined in the group

January, 2019

Katie VanderEspt & Sachin Poduval: joined in the group

August, 2018

High-School&Undergraduate students: joined & welcome

July, 2018

NSF grant: nickel-based HER catalysts research funding 

May, 2018

Alex Kerns: joined and funded by LG&E


May-August, 2018

Jianchao Zhao: summer internship at LANL

Mar. 2, 2018

Ted Kalbfeisch: 2nd place of Speed Research Exposition

Nov. 10, 2017

Dr. Andrew Dattelbaum (from LANL):

visited the lab and delivered presentation on his research

Sept. 8, 2017

Dr. Ulises Martinez, Joseph Dumont, and Tommy Rockward (from Los Alamos National Laboratory or LANL):

visited the lab and delivered presentation on their research

May 23, 2017

Blake Martin: won the RE3 Pitch Competition

May 22, 2017

Alex Gupta: 3rd place of RE3 Workshop Poster Presentation

March, 2017

DOE Fund: Hydrogen Evolution

January, 2017


GRL group formed 

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